The ippregistry project provides tools for maintaining the IANA IPP Registry and is maintained by the PWG IPP workgroup.

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./register [-f] [-o newfile.xml] [-t "Standard Title"] [-x "Standard URL"] filename.xml [regtext.txt]


register imports plain-text registration templates from specifications or emails into the IANA IPP (XML) registry file. If no template file is specified, register reads from the standard input.



Force writing of new file.

-o newfile.xml

Specifies a new XML file to write to. By default register overwrites the original XML file.

-t "Standard Title"

Specifies the title of the standard or reference to the template.

-x "Standard URL"

Specifies the URL for the standard or reference. Strings of the form "rfcNNNN" are also supported for RFCs.


./regtostrings filename.xml >filename.strings


regtostrings generates the US English base strings file for all attributes, keywords, and enum values. It is used to supply the IPP strings file at http://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/ipp/examples/ipp.strings.


./regtosm [-n namespace-url] [-v version] filename.xml output-directory


regtosm generates a PWG Semantic Model XML Schema. Note: This program is a prototype and is not yet used to publish new versions of the PWG Semantic Model.


-a attribute-list

Specifies a list of attributes to include in the service description. If not specified, all attributes are included.

-n namespace-url

Specifies the namespace URL to use in the generated schema. If not specified, a URL of the form "http://www.pwg.org/schemas/YYYY/MM/sm" is generated.

-s service-name

Specifies the service name to use in the generated schema. If not specified, a service called "Print" is generated.

-v version

Specifies the version number to use in the generated schema. If not specified, a version of the form "2.9nnnnn" is generated, where "nnnnn" is the number of days since 1970.

Prototype Schema

A prototype schema can be viewed in your browser or as four XSD files:

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