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Individual Members

Danny Brennan

Bill Wagner
Technical Interface Consulting (TIC)
(Non-Voting Member)

Joining the PWG

If your company is interested in becoming a member of the PWG, you should review the following procedure documents and complete and mail in the PWG Membership Form. If you have any questions about membership, don't hesitate to contact the PWG Chair or any of the other officers of the PWG.

Dues are payable in US dollars to "The IEEE Standard and Technology Organization" via check or credit card.

Level Annual Dues Meetings and Lists Document Editor W/G Officer PWG Officer Voting
Non-Member FREE      
Non-Voting $50    
Individual $250
Small Corp.
Annual Revenue)
Large Corp.
Annual Revenue)

Documents and Forms

  1. PWG Membership Form
  2. Printer Working Group Standards Process document
  3. Printer Working Group Policy on Intellectual Property and Confidentiality (formerly called the PWG Patent Policy)
  4. PWG Letter of Assurance for Essential Patents
  5. ISTO Bylaws (No longer published publicly - Request Copy)
  6. ISTO Articles of Incorporation (No longer published publicly - Request Copy)
  7. ISTO Program Participation Agreement (PPA) (Request Copy)
    Note: Potential PWG members that require access to the PPA should contact the PWG chair or other officer. This document, which formalized the PWG as a program of the ISTO, is not for public posting or view.